St Lucia Kayak Safaris Product List Details

Hippo and croc start times:

- Summer;  07h30, 14h30

- Winter;  08h00, 14h00

  1. Both full-day and afternoon Cape Vidal tours  include snorkelling thus start time is varied due to low tide times. Please phone with a date to check timings
  2. Items guests may like to bring with include:  hat, sunglasses, towel, change of clothes, sun cream and a raincoat or a suitable jacket for cold and wet conditions
  3. All trips are interpretive tours describing the surroundings (both on and off the water) including animals and birdlife spotted
  4. All tours are weather dependent
  5. No children under 12 years old are allowed on the kayaking trips. Children under 12 are permitted to snorkel as long as they can swim and are accompanied by their guardian